How to build a Billion Dollar app in 2018?

Do You Have A Fantastic App Idea?

As of 2018, there were more the 3.4 billion app users, making it the most popular distribution platform of the world. The global app-based business economy will be worth $6.3 trillion by 2021, up from $1.3 trillion last year.

Mobiroller users have asked quite a lot of questions about making 6-7 figures from the app industry. So, in this step by step guide, we are going to reveal the secret to make a Billion Dollars app in 2018.

How to build a billion-dollar company from scratch?

Follow this step by step guide to building apps.

Step 1: “Market Research”

Market Research is the most essential part to build a billion-dollar app. The people who successfully made apps that have achieved multi-million-dollar apps spent 80 percent of their time on market research. Market Research sets the stage for the app idea. Becoming a frequent mobile user, understanding what the customer wants and the features of top trending apps are the key factors to be in billion-dollar app club. Market research provides you first-hand knowledge of about the direction and marketing insights.

Step 2: "Don't Hate, Emulate."

The most successful and widely known startups were not based upon drastically new ideas but instead upon improvements to existing technologies. To name but a few: iPhone (PDAs), Tesla (electric cars), Apple (Altair).
Following winning ideas is a great strategy since all 'groundbreaking' apps were, actually, a better version of a pre-existing concept.

Step 3: “Know the Ways to Monetize”

All kind of app monetization models are divided into three fundamental types: Premium, Freemium, and Ad Networks.

Premium Model

earn money from your mobile app

There is a straight up download price. This can be the most open and straightforward way to earn money from your mobile app. However, due to cost barrier, premium apps comprising only 13 percent of the total app downloads. (Xyologic, Aug 2012).

Freemium Model

App Idea Design

The app is a free download and contains content to buy (aka in-app purchases) or an upgrade option to a premium version. This is an incredibly attractive model, no barrier to entry for cost-conscious people.

Ad Networks

If The app and all of its content is free, it still can generate revenue through advertising. This excellent model offers a no barrier entry since it's always free, but it also comes with the drawback of lesser cash flow. However, there are various methods to raise ad network revenues such as choosing better ad partners and where to display the ads.

Step 4: “Automation”

Appreneur run the entire business via smartphone using automation. You also need to make use of automation if you want to grow you app to 7 figure. You need to set up roles for your team such as programmer, designer and even an accountant. You need to learn how to manage remotely using applications like Skype, trello, and Basecamp.


I have a fantastic app idea! What is next?

Isn’t it wonderful to realize that your app idea can change the world? You will finally develop something which everybody will love and use! Being in high spirits is not long lasting as you instantly hit the ground: how to make a mobile phone app??
You begin googling keywords: hire a developer, submit your request to a development firm, build it with a DIY platform.

Let us look at each option here;

1. Finding a Development Company

These are the companies that have budgets to put their ads, so you are going to find their sites anyway. Generally, you will post your app demand on their site and with patience wait for their response. Once response comes, you will now be contacting a project manager to verify the details, with a sales team to set up pricing questions. There is a whole lot of process from the moment you submit your request to the moment the app is released: development, design, testing, bugs fixing - all performed by different people. Therefore, you will need to pay much more! In case you have extra $5k to pay just to talk about the project - go ahead, or pass along to the next option - hire a pro to create an app.

How To Create An App For Free And Make Money

2. Hiring a pro to create an app

Mobile application developers do the entire job. You will find numerous mobile app developers out there; you will find them on job sites, discussion boards, social channels, etc. Want to know the best part, you only have to get in touch with one individual. The entire process will become simple because you are going to be outlining your idea straight to the coder, but you are going to be finding a hard time discussing the details with the mobile app developer because you are not the only person the coder is working.
In short, the development cost could be lower in case you hire a developer vs. development company, yet there are several negative aspects you might also deal with: coder can cease the contract, and you will have to find yourself a new one who would agree to continue writing the code.
Maintenance is a crucial factor in mobile app creation and support. You will need to track app purchases, registered users, collect data on the app users and send them notifications - that’s performed through servers and databases. Would your coder ensure the mantainence tasks? 

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We have reached the last but not least option to create your mobile application - having a platform.

3. DIY Mobile App Development Platform

Honestly, that is where you could actually get what you want: you are the designer, the developer, the project manager! You have got 100 % control over the look and feel of your own application. You do not have to be a coding expert or anything about mobile app development to create an app you have in mind.
DO-IT-YOURSELF mobile application development platforms allow creating apps from scratch or utilizing a template. That's where you have got to be very careful with your selection of platform! The majority of them offer a template-based approach all your ideas are limited to colors and moving buttons from one place to another. Honestly, that is not exactly what you would look for.

An excellent platform has;

  • check
     Quick design features with prototype
  • check
    Easy to understand Visual Editor
  • check
    No need for programming skills
  • check
    Excellent security & encryption features, local database, and other services
  • check
    You can efficiently Manage app and the content
  • check
    App updating process is fast and easy

You don't have to be a Developer or a Millionaire to build up an App. You don't even need to know a line of code. No problem at all if you are not a developer, just brush up on your project management skills and do a bit of brainstorming since this will be most of your job to build a successful app.

How to build a million dollar app

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